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Antique N.S. Heineken Brass Quadrant Signed Circa 1837


Offered for sale is a very rare antique brass Quadrant, made and signed by N.S. Heineken, which we believe was made about 1837 and divided into degrees from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. Research on N.s. Heineken is sparse or limited. There is reference to Heineken presenting his quadrant to a Meteorological Society in 1837 at Cheswick England. this well preserved antique quadrant has his engraved name on the face.

A quadrant or sector is equal to one quarter of a circle or semi-circle. Each degree is divided into 20 parts. The graduated points are connected by diagonal lines. The quadrant was a method of ascertaining the approximate radius of a curvature of unequal curved lines.

Lit: The Encyclopedia of Antique Scientific Instruments by john Fitzmaurice Mills, Aurum Press, 1983, ISBN o 906053 40 4 describes a quadrant as: "An instrument formerly used by navigators to determine altitudes. Basically it consisted of a brass limb, a quarter of the circumference of a circled, and was graduated to one minute. The zero of measurement, or the reading of a vertical line on the limit, was carefully determined in the fixed instruments, whilst with instruments that were movable a plumb-line was used to mark the zero while an observation was being made.

There were a number of varieties of quadrant and often these were known by the names of their inventors, such as Godfrey's, Gunter's (q.v.), Hadley's (q.v.), Sutton's etc., or they could be called by special names: mural quadrant, gunner's quadrant, surveyor's quadrant. The quadrant for navigational purposes has been completely replaced by the sextant."

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