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Antique 18th Century Dental Scaling Tools


Offered for sale is an 18th century Dental Scaling Tools Kit, polished steel in a Shagreen case, measuring 3 3 1/3" x 2 1/2" in absolutely marvelous condition with seven tools and a "ox bone" or "ivorine" handle.

We know that Josephine never smiled because her teeth were terrible. Dental hygiene, being what it was, more often resulted in pulled teeth than in saving them, but in fact there were tools for dental hygiene and particularly in France the practice was an important one. We have many surviving small etui with gold toothpick or scaling tools and tongue scrapers inside, all in addition to the simple tooth brush. But the sets like this one are thought to have been for the dental professional. Look at the array! Here within this small vest-pocket traveling dentist's kit is a handle and 7 various cleaning and dental care tools which remain in fine condition, ready to use - what? You don't want to USE them? Well, understandable, but you'll surely find them fascinating at the least. Just one implement has gone missing from its fitting within the old leather clad case, so we have a fine example here of what dentistry in the time of Napoleon might have looked like. Hmmm. . . No wonder Josephine never smiled, huh?

Very good to excellent condition, the RARE nearly complete set of 7 of the 8 original tools along with the handle into which they each mount by screw-fitting, you have all the dentist's tools at the ready, and here within their original small case. The case has a stain on the silk satin upper, which has gold embossment that reads, "Mon Charriere COLLIN, PARIS" (well-noted maker of early surgical equipment, tools). Case is covered in leather and the old spine has split and been restored with addition of a leather panel that now joins the upper and lower halves of the case. A pushbutton closure holds tight. Handle and all fine steel implements are in great condition for age. RARE and very interesting set.

Scaling and root planing, otherwise known as conventional periodontal therapy, non-surgical periodontal therapy, or deep cleaning, is the process of removing or eliminating the etiologic agents – dental plaque, its products, and calculus – which cause inflammation,[1] thus helping to establish a periodontium that is free of disease. Periodontal scalers and periodontal curettes are some of the tools involved.

Dental scaling is the most common nonsurgical way to treat gum disease, which is also known as periodontitis.

If your disease is moderate, but not severe, your dentist may recommend scaling to treat the disease and keep it from getting worse. But if you have severe periodontal disease and your condition may require gum surgery, your dentist and periodontist may recommend a scaling and root planing before the surgery, as well as a thorough teeth-cleaning prior to the procedure.

The sticky, bacteria-filled plaque that causes gum disease tends to accumulate in the area along and just below the gum line. If you have gums that are slightly receded from your teeth, you may be at increased risk for gum disease and your dentist may recommend scaling. Scaling is nonsurgical, but it is a different type of procedure from a standard dental cleaning because it involves cleaning the areas of the tooth below the gum line.

There are two types of scaling instruments and some dentists or dental hygienists may use both: •Scaling with hand-held instruments. Your dentist or periodontist will use a dental scaler and curette to manually remove (scale) the plaque from the teeth. Because the dentist or dental hygienist can't see the plaque, they rely on touch to identify areas of tartar buildup and rough spots. •Scaling with ultrasonic instruments. Ultrasonic scaling instruments clean plaque from the teeth with a vibrating metal tip that chips off the tartar and a water spray to wash it away and keep the tip cool.

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This product would make a wonderful addition to any scientific or dental instrument collection when displayed in a prominent place, being a grand collectible item that would adorn any serious collector's prized scientific instrument and dental accumulations, while showing a discriminating dedication for fine antiques and other scientific instrument items as well as a devotion to acquiring fine collectibles.

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